iPhone 6/6s Max Seriez : Max Black / Urban Camo gel for iPhone 6/6s

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Max Black / Urban Camo gel for iPhone 6/6s

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  • Made with exofab  *Smart gel™ coating.
  • Antibacterial – protects against dangerous bacteria
  • Max impact 360 degrees protection
  • Sticks to glass and mirrors  for a perfect Hands-Free  Selfie!  (look at photos)
  • Amplifies grip on flat surfaces preventing accidental drops 


 exofab MAX seriez case is our most durable generation of smartphone cases. Provides 360 degrees of smart gel™ defense with added antibacterial protection.

About our smart gel™
The gel coating adds increased grip preventing your device from accidentally sliding off tables,counters etc It ONLY sticks to non-porous surfaces like glass and mirrors. It does  NOT stick to hands, pockets, purses etc.

* Sticking Power is affected by surface porosity, environmental temperature, pressure applied while sticking to glass  etc. Both surfaces must be clean free of dust/oils before attempting to perform a hands-free Selfie, so be careful... 
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