Galaxy S6 Invisible gel case : Invisible gel case for samsung galaxy s6

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Invisible gel case for samsung galaxy s6

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  • Made with exofab *Smart gel™ coating.
  • Antibacterial – protects against dangerous bacteria
  • Sticks to glass and mirrors for a perfect Hands-Free Selfie! (look at photos)
  • Amplifies grip on flat surfaces preventing accidental drops
  • 100% Ultra-Clear protection

Whats in the package:

one Ultra-clear case

Case is a 100% transparent and made of Premium quality PC materials.
The back side has been specially treated with exofab™ gel!

exofab™ GEL is also 100% transparent hardly noticeable.
It gives the ability to significantly amplify your devices traction on many surfaces reaching to an amazing 100% traction on glass or other FLAT non-porous surfaces!
It can literally stick on glass long enough to allow you to take Hands-Free Selfies**
Also helps eliminate every day accidental drops.



The Gel ONLY sticks to flat non-porous surfaces like glass, they do NOT stick to hands, pockets, purses etc.
Although the exofab™ gel has the ability to stick on glassy surfaces they are not manufactured solely for this purpose. There are many factors unrelated to the exofab™ gel guard (skins) that affect whether the exofab™ gel guard (skins) will allow a device to stick to particular surface like surface porosity, environmental temperature, pressure applied while sticking to glass etc.
Both surfaces must be clean free of dust/oils before attempting to perform a hands-free Selfie! so be careful…

**The gel is not meant to stick on glass forever! It should stick long enough to take a hands free Selfie etc.

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